Automating Your Network - AppFormix

Automation is a key operative and mandate in today’s complex IT world. Mixed environments and mixed providers have not made matters simpler.

appformixAppFormix optimizes enterprise cloud operations by providing sophisticated analytics and control of how virtualized infrastructure interacts with applications. With AppFormix, your complex environment becomes less complex. You become more aware.

AppFormix provides end-to-end visibility into your multicloud environment to eliminate any potential issues, rendering your operations simpler and more effective. 

It enables you to visualize and analyze both physical and virtual environments. Through monitoring and intent-based analytics, AppFormix transforms raw data from a diverse set of resources into a format that you can use immediately.

The network device monitoring function offers real-time infrastructure performance monitoring (IPM) for data center networking devices, such as our QFX Series Switches, using Junos Telemetry Interface and OpenConfig.

This capability enables you to dynamically determine the baseline performance of networking infrastructure elements so that they’re continuously running at optimal utilization.

The cloud infrastructure and application monitoring function offers real-time monitoring and analytics of DevOps and cloud-native environments, supporting a mix of high-performance bare-metal systems in private cloud, virtual machines in OpenStack, and containers in Kubernetes environments.

AppFormix also monitors and analyzes applications running in public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

intlx Solutions is a Juniper Networks partner.