Juniper Networks EX Switch End of Life

Juniper Networks has announced the End of Life (EOL) of some of their EX switches including:

  1. EX2200
  2. EX3300
  3. EX4220
  4. EX4550

Last date to order EX Switches

The last date to order these EX Switches is June 30, 2019.

Is support still available on these switches?

Yes absolutely. Some EX switches already come with a limited lifetime warranty. Separate same day and next day support contracts can still be purchased. There are some important dates to be aware of:


Screenshot 2019-04-19 16.21.16


What are the replacement EX switches?

Juniper Networks has been selling updated switch models for some time now and they can be categorized as such:


Screenshot 2019-04-19 16.22.37


Can I replace them like for like?

In most cases this is true, but there are some differences in the new models. There are three main things to consider:

  1. Juniper Ethernet configuration – newer switches use the “ELS” Junos configuration – therefore you may need to migrate your configuration stanzas rather than just reapplying them.
  2. Feature Licenses – Juniper licensed features differ on an EX3400 verses an EX3200 – intlx Solutions can help you analyze your requirements.
  3. Virtual Chassis – you can NOT include an EX3400 in a stack of EX3300s, or an EX4600 in a stack of EX4500s for example.

We can help you figure this out.

intlx Solutions is here to help. If you’d like to understand how this may affect your installed base or would like assistance in scoping new EX switches, please get in contact with your account executive or contact