Bill Buress - Technology Specialist

Why do business with intlx Solutions? And, why do business with Bill Buress?


If you are going to invest your time with a Reseller / Technical Solution Provider and share your business concerns and technology strategies, it should be with someone who is Committed and Accountable.

Otherwise, your time is wasted and you may end up with a partial solution because someone really didn’t take the time to understand your needs. If that is what you are looking for, that’s not us.

I look to build partnerships. Long-term business relationships founded on trust and mutual cooperation. I ask questions, and lots of them, long before any type of solution is offered for your consideration. I refer to it as 'Bill Buress as a Service' (BBaaS).  

Why intlx Solutions?

∆  We are a company of engineers first and foremost.
∆  We listen to your needs to avoid overselling and under-delivering. It is a collaborative event.
∆ We specialize in all forms of virtualization including VDI, datacenter, telephony, and infrastructure.
∆ We have network expertise from edge to core: Route, Switch, Firewall, and Security.
∆ We are backed by a $100MM parent company (Quantech Services, Inc.).
∆ We Get it, Plan it, Do it, Validate it… and then look for more ways we can serve your IT needs.


Bill-Buress10.pngWhy Bill Buress?

∆ I have been in the technology sector since 1992.
∆ I understand how technical solutions are used to solve business problems.
 I am not a pass-thru service provider and take accountability for all that I do and any solution I represent. 
∆ Responsiveness is my mission as time is money in everyone’s book.
∆ I establish long-term relationships versus short-term solutions.

All business starts with a conversation. Please let me know when we can start yours.

Bill Buress