Retail Technical Consulting

Retail customers face many of the same security threats that large financial customers face, while also trying to get the most out of their technology to maintain their competitive edge. Network security is of the utmost importance to today's retail customers and intlx is poised to help you address your security concerns.


  • Secure Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems that help secure your customers' information
  • Full network security review for existing network infrastructure
  • intlx high-quality professional services to help secure and optimize your network and UC solution
  • Unified Communications mobility that allows workers to remain in touch while being free to perform duties that often take them away from their desks
  • Unified Communications design, installation, and monitoring to help maximize up time and increase your visibility
  • Unified Communications using secure-session border controllers enabling secure SIP communications both inside and outside the enterprise
  • Maintenance and monitoring of your UC solution using state-of-the-art cloud-based monitoring service

Case Studies