Detecting Cyber Threats to Your Network

Most organizations are slow to react to malicious network activity. It can take up to six months before detecting cyber threats to your network. Below are signs that your network may be under a cyber attack:


  • Slow Network - A cyber attack or malware outbreak often results in spikes in network traffic that can reduce internet speed.
  • Unusual Password Activity - Passwords may be compromised if user accounts become locked or they receive an email indicating a password change that they did not initiate.
  • Suspicious Pop-ups - unknown pop-ups can be infected with malware or spyware that can threaten your network.
  • Phishing - Attackers are increasingly pretending to be trusted organizations or websites requiring users to be vigilant when clicking online or opening email attachments.
  • Outdated Firewall - Using a next-generation firewall with in-line deep packet inspection can help reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks.