Minimize Ransomware Cyber Threats

ransomware-cyber-threats.jpgThe idea of cyber criminals encrypting your data and demanding payment via ransomware is frightening. Especially when you realize there is a strong likelihood that paying any ransom still won't release your files.

So what can you do to minimize this cyber threat to your network? The most important thing you can do as an organization is to educate your employees about ransomware and cyber threat risks.

Explain that people are usually the weakest link in any cyber defense system and whenever possible show them how seemingly innocuous emails can contain executable files which can unleash ransomware and other viruses on the network. 

Limit employee access to only the resources they need since cyber attacks can reach all the files and folders that the infected user account has access to. And using behavior analytics software can help you quickly detect unusual spikes in activity and see all failed and successful file access attempts.

Then enable your networked computers to show the hidden file extensions so people can see which files are executable. Also, enabling spam filters and ad-block services will help reduce the chance an employee inadvertently unleashes any malware. And be vigilant making sure your antivirus is up-to-date and employs heuristic and user behavior analysis, rather than signature based solutions.

Finally, be ready to use backup software with as little downtime as possible, making sure to store all really important files offline. 

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