No One-Size-Fits-All Security Strategy

The optimal number of security tools, amount of training for employees, restrictions on personal devices, and decisions on which networks need to be segmented from the Internet, varies greatly from company to company.

One-Size-Fits-All-SecuritySmall and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) benefit most from basic tools and policies, while not over-investing in complex security training and more advanced security technologies.

Because SMBs have a much smaller attack surface and are less likely to face a sophisticated attacker, over-investing in high-cost security investments would add a disproportionate cost when compared to the likelihood of a breach and the potential losses they would experience as a result.

Instead, basic tools and policies help to best protect SMBs by securing the network and restricting the use of personal devices on it.

However, large organizations and/or those with highly sensitive information, such as defense contractors or organizations with significant amounts of intellectual property, require investments in a full range of policies and tools.

The likelihood that they will be targeted by an advanced attack, experience a higher volume of daily attacks or face some type of intrusion is much greater. If significant investments are not made, then losses endured due to an incident would be huge.

Further, larger companies are likely able to benefit from economies of scale with their security investments. For example, providing advanced security training becomes more cost-effective per individual as the number of employees increases.

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