Security Tools Lose Value Over Time

One of the most challenging issues facing companies is the countermeasures attackers use to evade defenses.

Security-Tools-Lose-Value-Over-TimeAttackers are constantly developing countermeasures to new security technologies, which limits the relative effectiveness of those tools over time and requires companies to invest in new technologies to take their place.

They must be constantly re-evaluated and new solutions need to be put in place for defenses to remain effective against attackers.

This build up ultimately drives up the amount companies must spend on security technologies to maintain similar levels of protection.

It also increases operational costs to companies, which often find themselves with an increasingly diverse set of security technologies that need to be managed  by security teams.

However, certain types of security tools from Fortinet and Juniper Networks are not prone to the problem of countermeasures.

They are focused on improving security and patch management, automation and improving policy enforcement across the corporate network and are not the types of tools that attackers will try to get around.

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