The People Imperative

One of the factors that could significantly reduce security costs over time is the investment in training as well as building a diligent security staff. A well-staffed and knowledgeable security team is equally if not more important than investing in new tools. The best tools are not going to be effective if not properly managed.

people-imperitiveCompanies need to be very aggressive in investing in training and expanding security teams. If new staff is not possible, another potential approach is outsourcing specialized security functions to other experts like intlx Solutions.

The key to getting in front of attackers is training the next generation of developers to do a better job securing the innovations they create.  If they can be trained to create inherently more secure software, the potential for compromise could be drastically reduced, which could lower the overall cost of security for companies.

Training students on security will also mean that more of the next generation will become security professionals and be more effective in those roles. By creating a pipeline now, the security industry will finally be able to get ahead of the current lack of trained professionals.

In addition, by learning about the ethics of hacking, many future hackers that might be tempted to participate in the black market would more likely use their security skills for good.

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