Elevate your organization's incident management capabilities with Alarmtraq
Alarmtraq by intlx Solutions is a cutting-edge incident management platform designed to provide organizations with insights into their voice infrastructure. This powerful platform enables users to automatically address alarms, generate customized reports, and enhance operational efficiency.
Alarmtraq has the capability to monitor multiple vendors for alarming and offers the flexibility to deliver alerts through email, SMS, and direct API integration into the CRM system.
Auto-Remediation and Reduced Time to Resolution (TTR) Automating incident management can greatly decrease the amount of time impacted by events and enables team members to focus on other tasks.

Noise Reduction In many cases, repeat alarms can overwhelm NOCs, leading to frustration and inefficiencies. Alarmtraq's alarm library can be customized to eliminate unnecessary noise and streamline the ticketing process, ensuring that only relevant alerts are addressed by engineers.

Change Management Accounting for change management events further enhances its effectiveness in managing service impacting events. Without this capability, alarms would need to be managed manually.

Trunk Analytical Report
Alarmtraq provides trunk reports that provide recommendations based on usage, while allowing customers to avoid dropped calls.

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Platform Features
- Alarm Monitoring 
- Alarm Management 
- Alarm Remediation
- Alarm Filtering
- Alarm History
- Reporting
- Text Messaging, Email, and API integrations


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