Adding SIP Endpoints using Avaya Aura Session Manager

The main objective of this course is to equip students with introductory knowledge on how to effectively administer, maintain, and optimize Avaya Aura® Session Manager with both Avaya and Non-Avaya SIP endpoints. This course content is considered to be the foundation upon which you can build your expertise. As you go through the material, you will have the opportunity to engage in practical ...
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White Glove IT Managed Services

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant threat of Ransomware? Do you find yourself wondering how long it would take for you to even know if your systems were under attack? And if an information leak were to occur, do you have a solid plan of action in place? If these questions are causing you stress, then intlx Solutions is here to ease your worries. We understand the importance of monitoring ...
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Avaya Aura : SIP Remote Worker

As hybrid work environments become more prevalent, organizations are seeking effective ways to ensure their employees can work from home safely and efficiently. Avaya Aura offers a solution to enable remote work for your employees. However, many customers may require additional assistance to ensure smooth implementation. This is where intlx Solutions comes into the picture. Founded by former ...
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