Why hiring veterans is a good strategy

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Avaya Announces IX Subscription Licenses

Recently, Avaya announced its new Avaya IX™ Subscription licensing offering. It brings a subscription purchasing model to your on-premises Avaya Aura systems. Advantages include: Powerful stepping stone toward the cloud Upgrade at your own pace while enjoying subscription benefits Your Loyalty to Avaya is rewarded with Investment Protection Realize additional cost savings with an Enterprise ...
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Blocking calls on an Avaya SBC

The Avaya SBCE gives us the ability to block a caller from making harassing calls, and in this post, we outline how you can do that on an Avaya SBCE.
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Why monitoring is important

Today’s phone systems consist of physical and virtual servers, media gateways, IP phones, session border controllers and various applications. Keeping track of the status, consumption, capacity, and availability of all of these components can be a daunting task.
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Tracking your changes in Communication Manager

Having an audit trail: Often times the phone system stands on its own when it comes to adhering to a security policy. There are exceptions and sometimes its explained that you can't do that on the phone system for one reason or another. With our Visualize Support offering we can give you access to a secure web portal where you can see who, what, when and from where they made a change to your ...
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Avaya System Manager and LDAP

Within Avaya System Manager, we can map attributes from active directory to users to assist with administrative authentication as well as end-user profile creation.
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