Avaya System and Application Assessment

The Avaya System and Application Assessment provides a detailed overview of Unified Communication and/or Contact Center assets.

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Gain valuable insight into the health of your system derived from analysis of events, logs, alarms and configuration data. Make sure your system is sized correctly from analysis of capacity data to identify trending, consumption, and optimization. Examine your Contact Center with analysis of the operation and interoperation of advanced applications and associated system services.

The System and Application Assessment will present the outcome of the examination and analysis of system information including alarms, error logs, event log, resource capacity, utilization and the interactions between applications. In many instances comparison with best practice and pragmatic engineering expertise will be highlighted and recommendations made for improvement.  

The improvements recommended may include:

  • Advice on immediate remediation of know issues
  • Actions that will prevent near term issues arising
  • Evidence that configuration or design concerns exist that are the likely the cause of intermittent complaints
  • Utilization facts for expensive resources that will allow optimization with confidence either saving money or averting business disruption
  • Deliver accurate as-built diagrams for Network Region, Media Gateways and Vector Call Flows
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