IT Managed Services

With intlx Solutions IT Managed Services you can count on us to handle all of your IT needs. From planning, monitoring, patching, help desk support, and on-site assistance our team of experts can handle all of your IT services needs. With our blended approach our team can take over all daily operations or we can work with your existing team as a supplemental workforce. 

This service includes:

  • Emergency on-site and remote support
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring for all servers, devices, system alerts, and warnings
  • Complete cloud system backups for all servers and workstations
  • Anti-Virus software & system operating system patches managed by our team
  • Quarterly CIO review meetings

Challenge: Imagine you are a medical practice that can’t book appointments because your server is down. Imagine you are a law firm that needs specific case files, but whose files were recently “locked up” by Ransomware. Imagine you are a retail business that needs to process hundreds of transactions a day, but your point of sale system was damaged in an electrical storm, and you can’t process and record transactions. How will you stay in business? How will this impact your customer experience? Most importantly, how will this impact your revenue targets? Now imagine getting it all back in a matter of seconds.

Solution: We have an all-in-one business continuity solution that brings together state of the art hardware with a secure cloud storage capability to protect your business. Protection from any type of disaster going beyond simply recovering data, business continuity saves businesses by keeping them online in the face of otherwise devastating issues like ransomware, natural disasters, and costly human errors. With the ability to immediately get back up and running we help you reduce disaster costs and avoid system downtime when it matters most. 

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