Visualize Managed Services
Our Visualize managed services offering is among the best service offerings available from any Avaya business partner available today. Our offering contains our own intellectual property which allows us to ensure we are delivering the best possible solution to our customers. 
Our team is able to on-board customers quickly using tools created by our in-house, US based DevOps team. Customers who sign up for our Visualize managed services will find that we are able to fully on-board customers in a fraction of the time of what is currently available from other competitive offerings. 
Our Visualize managed services offering, built on the ITIL framework, provides our customers a comprehensive solution. Our team will handle everything from incident resolution to proactive maintenance, ensuring your voice systems run like clockwork while you focus on what matters most. With ITIL best practices guiding our approach, you'll benefit from standardized processes, clear communication, and cost-effective IT management.
Secure Connectivity
At intlx Solutions, we utilize a zero trust approach to our connectivity to all 
customer systems. All traffic related to customer support is sent to and from the customer network with SSL/TLS encryption. No other Avaya business partner takes care to secure the connectivity to your voice infrastructure as intlx Solutions does. Our remote access policies are based on a least access principle where users at intlx Solutions are only given access to resources if it is deemed a necessary function of their job.
Upon making a connection request to a managed device the intlx Solutions engineer must;

  1. Sign into our remote access platform using their single sign on intlx Solutions credentials
  2. Provide a token response or biometric response from an authenticator app or fingerprint reader
  3. Ensure that their laptop has the latest version of antivirus software loaded and configured
If any of the above checks fail the user will not be allowed to connect to the remote system. This feature sets us apart from Avaya partners as they cannot compare to this level of secure authentication. Additionally, our secure connectivity is able to provide SEIM logs to our customers so they can be notified of all remote access requests by our team as they happen in real time.
Asset Management
intlx stores all customer asset passwords in an encrypted database, no passwords
are ever stored as visible text. By employing least access principles, we only grant password viewing abilityto engineers that require it for their job function. If one of our engineers needs to view a password they have to;

  1. Sign into our asset management platform using intlx Solutions single sign on credentials
  2. Provide a token response from their authenticator application
  3. Navigate to the device in question within the asset management platform
  4. Click to reveal the username and password, doing so logs what user requested access to what data and at what time
*These password access logs are made available to our end customers
Secure Alarming 
intlx Solutions is the creator of Alarmtraq software which we use to collect alerts from customer assets and provide real time monitoring across all Avaya and other devices. Alerts are compiled using an on site collector running our intlx Solutions agateway software and sent back to intlx Solutions using secure HTTPS alerting for delivery to our CRM and email, or SMS alerts to our customers. 
Since intlx Solutions owns and maintains the Alarmtraq software, we are able to provide the best possible support on Avaya products over any other channel partner. We are able to make customizations and filter alerts for our customers ensuring that they receive the best experience possible. 
Our managed service offering currently supports over 15,000 alarm definitions across the entire Avaya platform. Click here for a list of supported products and versions.
Service Desk 
Being based on the ITIL model, our Visualize Managed Services is able to handle alerts as they come in and create incidents in your CRM platform. As these incidents are created, we are able to watch track these incidents and give reports on the varying alerts received and incidents created.
This data is made available in the form of a downloadable report for you and your team giving actionable insights into the performance of your Avaya voice platform.

Continuity Management (Cloud backups)
An important part of managing any voice infrastructure is having regular backups in the event of a server or application failure. At intlx Solutions, we back up all voice devices to our google cloud platform instances every evening. The backups are available for our customers and our team members whenever they need them.
Certificate Management 
In voice environments, maintaining your SSL certificates has become an increasingly important aspect to keeping things running smoothly and securely. Whether you self host your certificates or use 3rd party certificates, it is vital that you keep track of your certificates and coordinate renewals on regular intervals. 
At intlx Solutions, our team is able to automatically collect certificate data from Avaya applications and track those certificate renewals for you. Our team will take care of creating change control requests and perform the certificate management so you can focus on other tasks.
Auto Remediation 
Our Visualize Managed Services offering is unique in that it will attempt to resolve some alerts automatically without any human intervention. This can help to restore service, reduce the number of tickets that need to be opened, and improve the efficiency of the incident management process.
Our platform for alarm remediation uses a library of over 15,000 predefined alert profiles which can be customized and used to automate a wide range of tasks, which can help organizations improve the uptime and reliability of their voice communications platforms.
When an alert is received, our platform analyzes the alert and determines which remediation actions are appropriate to help resolve the alarm. If any remediation actions are appropriate, our platform will attempt to login to the system that generated the alert and execute the necessary actions to resolve the alert without any human intervention.

Some examples of remediation actions that we can perform include:
  • Restarting a circuit board, service, or gateway
  • Testing an individual configuration item to clear any errors
  • Clearing an alarm cache
  • Resetting a configuration to a known good state
  • Sending a notification to the appropriate personnel via email, SMS, or a service ticket in your CRM
Each alarm can be customized to run multiple commands in response to any alert received.
If we are able to remediate an alert successfully, it will notify the appropriate personnel and close the alert ticket in your CRM. If we cannot successfully remediate an alarm, it will notify the proper personnel and open a ticket for manual investigation.
Vendor Management 
At intlx Solutions, our vendor management practice allows us to select, manage, and oversee third-party vendors who provide products and services to you. Our team can handle all of your 3rd party vendors that make up your voice environment. We have strategic relationships with a variety of technology partners and our team is trained to help you interact with your 3rd party vendors. When an issue arises our team can open cases with that specific vendor and manage the entire support process for you. 
In addition to managing the day to day interactions with 3rd party vendors, our team can handle renewing and managing contracts for you. We will handle all billing and vendor related questions for you, making it so you only have to interact with one company regardless of how many 3rd party vendors make up your current voice environment. 


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