Voice Spam Filter

Understanding the problem

Voice SPAM calls are voice calls that range from annoying robocalls to potentially dangerous scam calls trying to get information from your users. With a Mutare voice spam filter installed by intlx Solutions, your company can block unwanted calls so they never come into your network.

  • $46.3B:  Estimated global loss in telephone fraud caused by robocalls each year 
  • $1.5M: Average HIPAA fine for non-compliance
  • 58B: Number of robocalls calls reported in 2019 alone



       About Mutare SPAM Filter

  • Supports most major phone system, including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Nortel, and many more
  • Improve Network Performance, Reduce Cybersecurity Risk, and Boost Team Member Productivity
  • Quickly and easily improve your protection by tuning your system to fit your organization's needs

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  • About: In this report, you will gain insight on the impact of unwanted robocalls, spoof calls, and phishing to your business
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  • How: Our team will analyze the data using decades of experience and the Mutare UVT engine and present the find in a virtual meeting.
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