Avaya Aura Managed Services

The Avaya Aura platform has changed drastically over the years. Early versions of Communication Manager ran on dedicated physical servers, and today it has gone virtual on multiple hypervisors and available in the cloud. It has gone from strictly a phone system to a full Unified Communication platform, and because of that, those supporting it must learn more than just Communication Manager. Today, it includes System and Session Manager, Session Border Controllers, and often Application Enablement Services (AES) to allow for 3rd party integrations. A mix of IP, digital, analog phones adds further complexities of DSP resources, gateways, trunking, and management of the system.

Due to these complexities, it takes more than an entry-level engineer to address your needs quickly. That is why we hire only highly certified engineers with years of experience across all Avaya platforms; many are former Tier 3 engineers from Avaya. Our expertise and professionalism is what our customers have come to love about us.


Proactive Monitoring and Reporting

We understand the limitations of SAL, which is why we incorporate proactive monitoring with our customers. We utilize tools that will give you a level of visibility into your environment that you never thought possible.


Goals and Coverage

Our goal is to provide you with the right coverage with fast resolutions:

  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
  • A full suite of support and diagnostic tools that deliver the quickest path to finding solutions to system issues
  • Access to our knowledge-base
  • Automatic system configurations backups to the cloud
  • Advanced support options like configuration and certificate management 
  • Dedicated engineer with monthly service calls
  • Replacement parts inventory

Avaya Maintenance Audits

Are you getting your money's worth?

As companies expand, condense, or merge, it can lead to convoluted maintenance records that drive up costs. 

Things to think about with your Avaya Maintenance:

  • When you call in, are you getting someone with over 20 years of experience or someone who is 20 years old on the first call?
  • Are you paying support on unnecessary licensing?
  • Are you receiving proactive monitoring, backup, and reporting capabilities?

By running a few simple reports, we'll be able to give you a detailed plan on where to cut costs and offer a support plan that meets your needs.

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