Why monitoring is important

Today’s phone systems consist of physical and virtual servers, media gateways, IP phones, session border controllers and various applications. Keeping track of the status, consumption, capacity, and availability of all of these components can be a daunting task.

Imagine being able to sit back and know that there is a service that is actively monitoring your phone system, logging in and watching resource consumption and looking for issues in general. intlx’s Visualize monitoring tool can not only wholly monitor the components and application availability in your Avaya Aura solution today, it can also help you with the planning for capacity of each solution component in the future.


shutterstock_484883527Our Visualize service does not just sit back and passively listen for alarms as some competitor offerings do. SNMP trap reporting has its place but it’s rudimentary at best and should not be relied on as your primary means of monitoring your Avaya solution.

If you have ever wanted to be able to customize alerts and easily build dashboards to keep an eye on your systems, look no further. Check out this quick video that highlights the values of our Visualize UC system monitoring tool. The tool is cloud-based and in just a few days you can be collecting valuable data from your Avaya system; training is included at no additional cost.

Interested in learning more about how over time our monitoring service can help you, from voice quality monitoring to resource consumption to general peace of mind?? Give us a call today!!






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