intlx Solutions Acquires Reilly Telecom Inc.

It is with great pleasure that intlx Solutions announces the acquisition of Reilly Telecom Inc., the maker of the popular software package Alarmtraq and other software products related to Alarmtraq (Alarmtraq Auto Remediation, CIDServ99, SPLASH, Agateway, Agateway-cs, Alarmtraq Rest API, and any other software that relates to these components). This acquisition was made possible through the strong friendship/partnership between Jim Reilly, the founder of Alarmtraq, and our leadership & engineering teams at intlx Solutions. Jim Reilly will also be joining intlx Solutions as a Senior Development Engineer as we look to grow the feature set and functionality of Alarmtraq. A product roadmap will be published to our website later this year.

At intlx Solutions, we are looking forward to continuing to support all of the existing customers of Alarmtraq as we move through the acquisition process. All existing support plans will be honored and our team will be reaching out to customers who need support renewing their contracts and with instructions on how to engage our support team at intlx Solutions. Existing Alarmtraq customers who have a support contract can simply email for support.

We are confident that this acquisition will be a positive development for both intlx Solutions and Reilly Telecom Inc., and we look forward to working together to provide our customers with the best possible products and services.

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