Avaya Cloud and Boston Pops 4th of July Event

Avaya Cloud and Boston 4th of July


Each year the City of Boston rings in the 4th of July with a massive celebration complete with fireworks display, military cannons, air force flyovers and performances by the Boston Pops Orchestra and other artists. This event historically draws in upwards of half a million people in attendance. In order to support the celebration and ensure public safety it takes the coordination of multiple Federal, State and City of Boston teams, with each team needing access to secure communications and network facilities.

Many of the organizations supporting the event such as the Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police and Boston Fire require externally dial-able numbers allowing other agencies supporting the event to reach them at any given time. With the communications center needing to be in a secure and secret location, the client is often faced with challenges in ensuring that each organization has reliable voice communication resources so that field personnel can call into their support teams as needed and information can be handled in real time without delay.

The need was for a full unified communications platform that could be setup and taken down in a matter of a couple of weeks’ time. The platform had to be extremely reliable and stable due to the nature of the event and the amount of public safety teams it would be supporting.

Client’s Experience / Solution

Intlx Solutions was able to meet the challenging needs of the client using the Avaya IP Office Cloud powered by Telagility/Westcon. As part of our support for this event intlx Solutions provides a secure pop-up data network (link to our case study https://www.intlxsolutions.com/news/networking-boston-marathon). Avaya IP telephones were deployed onto this network and within the Avaya cloud a profile was created to which users and groups could be assigned based on organization. The Avaya cloud made it simple to get the phones online quickly and easily, allowing for more time spent configuring and customizing the solution to the client’s needs. The solution only took a couple of days to roll out rather than the weeks it can normally take for these types of deployments. “Everything was perfect. No Complaints at all.” - Massachusetts State Police

Results / Benefits

The end result was a reliable, secure and easy-to-use communications platform available to all supporting organizations throughout the event. The fact that just a week before the day of the event none of the user profiles, direct dial numbers or even the phones themselves existed was transparent to the client and all end-users. “Excellent job, everyone was very supportive and technical needs were met spot on. Thank you for all the hard work” - Department of Homeland Security










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