Voice Quality Monitoring Historical Reporting

Using intlx Solutions' Avaya Visualize Monitoring, you can display real-time voice quality monitoring status and run historical reports to help you drill down into the VQM data to quantify and potentially resolve issues.

This 54 second video shows how easy it is, using a standard web browser, to run a query to retrieve data associated with one users' extension for a given period of time.  

Each call is scored with a MOS score ranging from 1-5 with 5 being the best quality voice call.  Right click on any one of the calls and a sub-menu reveals “Call Streams” or “Call Path” to view more detailed data including associated Jitter.

You can export the data by clicking the “- EXPORT –“ button on the bottom right of the screen and you will be given the option to save the data for your calls into a .CSV file that you can use to share with your team and upload into your ticketing system.

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