Cloud VoIP

Are you looking for a flexible phone system with simple monthly billing and the ability to add or remove users quickly? Our cloud VoIP solution deploys quickly letting you focus on running your business by simply plugging-in phones and communicating as usual.


All you need is a hardwired connection to the outside world, either to the phone company or to an Internet service provider. You can also choose a hybrid solution that leaves you with local survivability on-premises, as a fall back from the cloud which is not available with other cloud solutions.

Do you need to quickly add new office locations? Adding new locations is easy when you simply register additional users and plug-in their phones.

Our engineers monitor and manage the system as well as handle any changes you may need, freeing you from the burden of maintaining a professional communications system. We also help you broadcast announcements to callers about new offers and even update your holiday greetings.

Avaya Solutions