It's time to move to a cloud contact center

Cloud contact centers have matured over the past 20 years to the point where they out perform their on-premise counterparts in features and reliability. When faced with the decision of deploying a new contact center the decision to start in the cloud is an easy one. But what about the on-premise contact centers?

A contact center migration to the cloud is no easy task. Depending on what your line of business is and the back end systems you need to integrate with, the complexity of migrations to cloud contact centers vary greatly.

Many legacy on-premise contact center providers are shifting their development focus to their cloud platforms. This means that as years go by new features and integration options are likely to have greater support on cloud platforms before they are available with on-premise products if at all. As more customers shift to cloud contact center adoption we may see some features only available in cloud contact center offerings.

That is why its key to partner with a vendor who knows both on-premise and cloud solutions and how to handle a migration. intlx Solutions can work with you to analyze your current contact center and create a plan for you to get to the cloud.

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