Improve Employee’s Work From Home Experience

Posted by #intlxsolves on May 6, 2022 12:57:27 PM

74% of enterprises expect the shift to remote work to be permanent. With that shift, organizations need to assess their technology, tools, and resources that are available to the workforce. With remote workers, poor quality experience could be due to contention for hardware resources, poorly performing Wi-Fi networks, out of date or mismatched drivers, noisy environments or audio device issues, and so much more. With intlx’s AI-powered customer experience (XCaaS) analytics, we can show businesses where to invest in people and technology to improve customer experience and employee wellbeing. 

Our customer experience solution combines technical analytics with work from home (WFH) network and room analytics to provide full stack, end-to-end visibility of hybrid working environments. We collect data from customer experience platforms and enabling technologies in the cloud, across the enterprise, and telemetry data (such as headset boom position and background noise). This data is joined together within each communications interaction, presenting a full stack view from end-to-end.

  • Technical Analytics- manage the performance of your customer experience platform, including voice quality, call details, and SIP (external connectivity) utilization
  • WFH Network Analytics- monitor local network and technology performance for remote workers (including PC/laptop, ISP, and Wi-Fi performance) and capture elements of configuration, release, and capacity management of remote networks
  • Room Analytics- identify environmental factors affecting remote workers and the customers they support
    • Telemetry- track boom arm position guidance, microphone defects, and mute/unmute events during calls
    • Environment- monitor background noise and audio exposure during calls
    • Inventory- automatically track serial numbers, firmware versions, attached device product name, and populate in the customer experience solution ITIL framework

Topics: customer experience, managed services, remote workforce

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