Streamline your Faxing

How a fax server can help

RightFax from OpenText is a feature-rich fax server platform that can streamline, automate, and integrate with your current phone system and back-office systems. Imagine not having to support legacy analog fax machines and eliminate the need for dedicated analog circuits.

Using the RightFax platform, our engineers can provision and integrate an enterprise-grade fax solution for your business. We can integrate with Active Directory, medical billing, web sites, and a host of other back end systems. 

Additionally, integrating with back end systems, we can interface the application with your phone system. This allows you to keep your fax numbers you have been using and steer them over to the fax server through your phone system, giving you complete control.

RightFax complies with SOX and HIPPA regulations for transmitting information privately and securely.

  • Makes faxing as easy as email 
  • The leading fax server for fortune 100 companies
  • Saves time and money while making faxing easier for users and administrators
  • Available in the cloud or on-premises