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How to block calls using Avaya SBCE

In order to block a caller from making harassing calls through to Communication Manager or IP Office start by creating a URI Group followed by a Security Rule. Then apply the security rule to your Endpoint policy Group. 

  • High level step by step; go to to Global Profiles> URI Groups.
    • choose add and give your URI group a name like "robo callers" to the URI Group, click next
    • Enter the number or numbers 781244@.* this URI entry would block the number 781244 from any sip domain, click finish.....

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Getting chronic NR-CONN alarms

101   NR-CONN               n      MIN  Y    Fri Jan 21 15:22:51 EDT 2019

112   NR-CONN               n      MIN  Y    Fri Jan 21 15:54:18 EDT 2019

  • use the command logc today | grep ps_map | grep HIGH to look for what Avaya DSP resources are having issues reaching each other
  • 20190121:150301549:6124947:ps_mapj(12340):HIGH:                 MG 70 pinged MG 65       << issue between NR 101 and 112

    20190121:150301549:6124947:ps_mapj(12340):HIGH:                 MG 70 pinged MG 65 ]

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Cannot determine routing domain, check SM ports

Calls are not completing from a SIP entity to Session Manager. In traceSM we see a message that states that Session Manager cannot determine the routing domain. The call fails with a 404 route not found.

  • Review your request URI coming into Session Manager
  • On the request URI check the source port and protocol
  • Ensure that you have a SIP entity with the corresponding source port and protocol