Virtualization Technology

Virtualization has transformed computing as we know it, from increased server utilization, streamlined deployments and reduced energy footprints.

Our engineers design, implement and support solutions that minimize downtime while providing maximum utilization for your business technology including solutions for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI ) and hyper-converged storage.


Hyper-converged Infrastructure

In a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solution, all the typical hardware-based data center resources —compute, networking, and storage— are virtualized and collapsed onto an industry-standard x86 server. Since the resources are software-based, and managed from a single management console, a well-architected HCI solution can dramatically increase efficiency, improve flexibility, and reduce costs across the data center—without any trade-offs on performance or availability.

The secret lies in the hypervisor, it’s the source of the “hyper” in hyper-convergence. All the key data center functions are now running as software on the hypervisor, enabling efficient operations, streamlined and speedy provisioning, and cost-effective growth.

The software-defined storage layer is built on the hypervisor foundation, and is critical in ensuring data availability, application performance, and flexible scalability. The correct storage architecture can deliver the same simplicity, efficiency, and cost-saving benefits to storage that server virtualization brought to compute.

By decoupling the software and hardware layers, your organization can benefit from the broadest and deepest set of HCI deployment options on the market.